Solastronaut: Animated 3D NFT Revolution in the Solana Metaverse

3 min readOct 16, 2021


Brief Intro about Solastronaut

It has been an amazing run of NFTs of late with millions of dollars in circulation each day. The NFT market is no longer a degen’s playground where even reputed institutes like Visa who spent over 6 figures for a Crypto Punks NFT. Many would argue that NFTs are a bubble which would eventually burst out of hands. The market is also getting saturated with at least over 20 project launches per day happening across all crypto networks.

However, the team at Solastranaut believe and work towards an NFT project which regularly adds value to its NFT holders. They are excited to launch a collection of 9999 astronauts who are scattered across the Solana metaverse to explore the hidden NFT treasure bounties. Unlike many standard artworks, the Solastronaut NFTs are breathtakingly unique with physical movement of the NFT in the form of a gif.

The team comprises members across several countries which are geographically dispersed. The designers have over 30 years of combined experience in graphics, motion arts and animations across several industries. The rest of the team are veterans in the crypto industry for many years with broad experience in marketing, community management and development. We have selected Solana for its scalability, faster transaction speeds and lower gas fees that allows anyone to purchase the NFTs without having to worry about high gas fees to buy, list, sell or trade.

The collection comes with a limited edition collection that will be auctioned and at the same time, the rest of the collection would be launched as a fair launch. Solastronaut NFTs aren’t only unique but they also offer some special opportunities for their holders as mentioned in their roadmap. The roadmap consists of four main components; namely, Astro Propellant, Space Bounty, Moon DAO and Moon Launcher.

Sol Astronauts are on a mission. A mission to colonize planets. Solastronaut NFT holders can support the colonization of extra-terrestrial planets and reap rewards in the form of surprise comet-drops, exclusive merchandise and future NFT drops.

Space Bounty is a feature where funds collected in the royalty pool will be staked on reputed and established crypto projects with sustainable APYs. This will be similar to a lottery where each NFT held by the holder is eligible to win the rewards arising out of the initial investments. This will also take place every fortnight.

Meteor Shower will see the Solastronaut holders being space-dropped an Augmented Reality enabled secondary 3D voxel NFT art work, directly to their holding wallet. Holding both NFTs will avail themselves to a range of utility driven benefits with the introduction of the native token later on.

Exclusive benefits will be offered to the members of the Moon DAO which will be established after the sale is concluded. Access to Moon DAO is exclusive and your NFT is the access pass. As a member of the Moon DAO, the holders will take decisions of the project, receive exclusive merchandise, define the project strategy, evaluate investments and initiatives on charity.

Perhaps the most promising element in the roadmap is the Moon Launcher. Moon Launcher is an exclusive launchpad done with a purpose to support talented artists and designers. Not only the Solastronaut NFT holders will get exclusive presale whitelist access to these high profile NFT launches, but they will also receive a portion of the launchpad fees airdropped back as dividends.

The marketing and the roadmap are truly what seems to have the most promise in the project. There are many marketing initiatives lined up leading up to the sale day and many influencers and internet celebrities who back the project in the days to come.

The best way to get involved with Solastronaut is to buy one from the sale itself. There are only 9999 NFTs for sale including several limited edition NFTs that will be auctioned. Once the collection is listed in the secondary market, the community will have the ability to buy, sell or showcase these NFTs.

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9999 astronauts from a galaxy far far away, destined to revolutionize the Solana NFT metaverse